Version 5.095 (29jul2004) aft-refman.aft Used a double backslash to represent a backslash when a single backslash would do. (Double backslash is a very old (archaic?) way of forcing line breaks in AFT). A single backslash not followed by a new line, [,_, or ~ will be left alone. Does this make sense? This will be re-investigated and a better solution offered. Soon.. Now correctly quotes window file paths. This should fix an issue with launch_ie. aft-tex.dat Added \usepackage{ae} to utilize outline fonts instead of bitmap fonts. (suggestion by Flynn Marguardt). Some internal renaming of variables, etc to make the programming style more consistent. So far, tests indicate that nothing is broken. Please, please let me know if something breaks because of this. Nicer looking code make future changes easier :-) Version 5.094 (6apr2004) bn-html now default Ben Lilburne's HTML (aft-bn-html.dat) is now the default HTML style. Footnotes! AFT now has support for footnotes and endnotes. Footnotes (notes in page footers) are used where supported (e.g. LaTeX), otherwise notes are collected at the end of the document and linked back to the referent text in systems withouth page footers (e.g. HTML). New aft-refman.aft Added a syntax section, documented line continuations and footnotes. Code cleanup of Getting slowly better. Better regexes. Better perl. Version 5.0931 (2feb2004) New .dat file element EXT has been added to specify the default output file extension. If EXT isn't present, then ID is used. aft-tex.dat In the previously release, I accidently distributed this as DOS file (^M terminated lines) which caused much havoc. Version 5.093 (30jan2004) aft-tex.dat Guido Gonzato has cleaned up aft-tex.dat to produce even more beautiful LaTeX output. aft-html.dat link com Slightly tweaked to support aft-bn-html.dat (first foray into stylesheets). aft-bn-html.dat Contributed HTML extension to include stylesheets. Version 5.092 (19oct2003) aft-tex.dat Better LaTeX support (including tables!). Better, but not perfect. It still fails trip.aft, although aft-refman.aft looks nice. It was pointed out that if you supply a destination directory that ends with aft then the script will incorrectly try and install the aft program (same exact name as directory fragment) there. This will have unexpected results. Since only non-Unix users should be using, the fix was to name the resulting program (to reduce chances of conflicts). This is essentially a Windows fix. Table Parser A new table parser (controlled by pragma #---SET-CONTROL tableparser=new) has been included. The new parser requires you terminate a row with a line of dashes (-). With the new parser you can do multi-line rows like this: #---SET-CONTROL tableparser=new ! _Very_ Important Dates ! !-------------------------------! ! Year ! Month ! Day ! Notes ! !-------------------------------! ! 1966 ! Oct ! 9 ! Hello ! ! ! ! ! Multiline! ! ! ! ! text here! !-------------------------------! ! 1999 ! Dec ! 25 ! xmas is ! ! ! ! ! Christmas! !-------------------------------! ! 2000 ! Jan ! 1 ! New Years! !-------------------------------! produces: Very Important Dates Year Month Day Notes 1966 Oct 9 Hello Multiline text here 1999 Dec 25 xmas is Christmas 2000 Jan 1 New Years Version 5.091 (14aug2003) preFilter/postFilter Irwin Oppenheim suggested a neat way to extend AFT's capabilities: allow perl expressions in preFilter and postFilter regexes. So, now we have preFilter/e and postFilter/e and the capability of specifying 1 line perl "subs" inside of the .dat files (see aft-tex.dat). New URL variable symbol A new URL symbol: %_text% has been introduced to help the LaTeX url package produce meaningful url links. %_text% is set to %text% if %text% != %target% otherwise %_text% is blank. Since TeX displays the actual URL, we won't get double-up values when %text% is the same as %target%. Confused? Version 5.09 (29jul2003) aft-html.dat international characters This was somehow missing in the last release! New and Improved Lout support Courtesy of Abel Morabito! New escape sequences (for literals) You can now escape _,|, and ~ with a backslash.... (if you don't want to double them up). Verbatim Square Brackets Don't like the new [] hyperlink interface? Turn it off with: #---SET-CONTROL verbatimsquarebrackets=yes File URL syntax Fixed the problem where [text (file://something)] wasn't allowed. Relative URL syntax Added support for [local ref (:aft-refman.html)] (local ref) to support relative URLs. Version 5.08 (31may2003) New Clarified Artistic License A more GNU friendly license has been adopted: A clarified Artistic License. now more Windoze Friendly Experimental: You can now install AFT onto windows with .aft filenames associated with the AFT executable. SET Pragma Before all variables had to be words (\w), now they can be anything not containing a space or "=" character. (Be sure to escape special characters...) Target and References You can now escape [not a link] by preceding it with a backslash (||) to prevent bracketed text from becoming links. Other target/reference errors were fixed too. Refactoring decl Cleaned up the code to make the Perl a bit more consistent. No impact on execution. New aft-tex.dat and aft-html.dat Guido Gonzato (ggonza -at- cleaned up aft-tex.dat to produce more readable and modern (and hence more beautiful) LaTeX. He also added some internationalization to aft-html.dat.